We provide continuous and effective operation of Biogas Plants at home and abroad.
We have already successfully implemented more than 40 Biogas projects!


OPTIMIZATION of biogas plants

We help you with preparation of a new project 
or with Optimization of your Biogas Plant.

We bring:


  • Reducing own Energy Consumption
  • Minimizing Losses during Technology Failures
  • Streamline Operations Dispatcher (Operator)


  • Continuous Diagnostics Technology
  • Prediction of Failures
  • Extension of Technology Supervision


  • Clear Communication with Operator
  • Outputs into Accounting
  • Electronics output for Energy Regulatory Office

economic development

  • Linking Biogas Plants with Complementary Technologies
  • Full utilization of Biogas Products
  • Conversion of Biogas to CNG
  • Continuous Economic Cost-Benefit Analysis


  • Our Centralized Supervisory System provides efficient Control and Remote Technology Administration.
  • Using this System, a Service Technician is able to react immediately in mode 24/7.
  • We provide prevention from Energy Failures by appropriate On-line Diagnostic of Sensors, Actuators
    and Cogeneration Units.
  • We detect "Strange Behavior" of Sensitive parts of Technology in sufficient time advance
    and we propose Solutions.
  • Our automated Control System allows Biogas Plant to respond to increased capacity requests
    from the "Smart Grid" in a flexible but secure manner.
  • Our systems provide Optimization of Biogas Plant for "Peak Energy Demand" operation.

Selection of the most interesting Comprehensive solutions from Conel Automation:

  • 2013 Revúca, Slovakia
  • 2013 Býkovice, CZ
  • 2013 Maršovice, CZ
  • 2013 Brloh, CZ
  • 2013 Lkáň, CZ
  • 2013 Vilémov, CZ
  • 2013 Bač, Serbia (electric design of 4 pcs BGPs)
  • 2013 Okříšky, CZ
  • 2013 Valeč, CZ
  • 2013 Horní Dubňany, CZ
  • 2013 Dešov, CZ (reconstruction)
  • 2013 Telč, CZ , 250 kWe
  • 2012 Otice, CZ, 0.6 MWe
  • 2012 Prusinky, CZ, 1 MWe
  • 2012 Starosedlský Hrádek, CZ, 0.8 MWe
  • 2012 Chotovice, CZ, 0.6 MWe
  • 2012 Jankov, CZ, 0.5 MWe
  • 2011 Hrotovice, CZ, 0.6 MWe
  • 2011 Petrovice, CZ, 0.8 MWe
  • 2010 Bol'kovce, Slovakia, 1 MWe
  • 2009 Vel'ký Ďur, Slovakia, 1 MWe
  • 2008 Vysoké Mýto, CZ, 0.65 MWe


Realization of biogas
Realization of biogas
Realization of biogas
Realization of biogas
Realization of biogas
Realization of biogas
Realization of biogas
Realization of biogas
Realization of biogas
Realization of biogas
Realization of biogas
Realization of biogas
Realization of biogas

Biogas Plants

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