Project commencement - WTP Třebíč

30.09.2014 09:08

Project commencement - WTP Třebíč

In September 2014, we signed a contract with Kunst s.r.o. for carrying out the "WTP intensification in Třebíč" project amounting to millions of Czech crowns. The investor is VAS a.s. Třebíč. The Project Manager for this contract is our colleague Milan Stránský. The subject of the contract is completion of a technological line in WTP Třebíč, so that, after it has been implemented, the quality of effluent water meets emission standards set by the Government Regulation No. 61/2003 Coll., as amended, with an emphasis on nutrient removal. This is the completion of the tertiary treatment stage. On the current drain from the WTP a newly designed pump station of tertiary purification is designed where water will be pumped into distribution chamber and subsequently divided into two identical lines of a new post-denitrification tank. Sludge will be displaced from relevant sumps of the post-denitrification tank into the current settlement tank. The water from confluence and distribution chambers will then be drained through siphons into the tank building for integrated precipitation of phosphorus which is also designed in two lines. Waste water from the tank for integrated phosphorus precipitation will flow into the pumping station from where it can be conducted by means of gravity into the present drainage ahead of the specific object, or it can be taken into area in front of the settlement tank. From an operational point of view, it is necessary to build a chemical management and object blower room for the tertiary purification facility. The project also includes modifications to existing sludge management buildings and construction of a second homogenisation tank due to insufficient capacity of existing reservoirs. The scope of the contract includes also provision of a trial run. The deadline for completion of the work was set at 31st July 2015.

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