Successfully completed projects - WTP Ústí nad Orlicí

01.10.2014 09:05

Successfully completed projects - WTP Ústí nad Orlicí

We have successfully realized the delivery and installation of the electrical technological part of the "Construction and reconstruction of sewage treatment plants and sewerage in Ústí nad Orlicí". The general contractor for this building was the consortium of companies SMP CZ, VCES, HOCHTIEF CZ and A.B.V. The general subcontractor of the technical part and our ordering party was the K@K Technology a.s. company based in Klatovy, and the investor was the Tepvos s.r.o. company based in Ústí nad Orlicí. The implementing design documentation was supplied by AQUA PROCON s.r.o. from Brno. The WTP in Ústí nad Orlicí was commissioned in 1993 and has treated the city waste water and positively affected the quality of water in Tichá Orlice River ever since. This is a mechanical-biological WTP with anaerobic stabilisation of excess sludge. The original machinery was a product of its time, yet on the verge of its life span most of the time. The WTP was not in its technology configuration capable of removing organic matter and nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous forms) with the desired effect so that the treated waste water would be in line with existing and forthcoming legislation in the Czech Republic and EU directives.
The intensification of the WTP included gross and mechanical pre-treatment, new biological line, sludge and gas management, a complete electrical part and a control system of technological process (CSTP). The WTP reconstruction also includes the reconstruction of a pumping station and overflow in Nádražní Street. The intensification helped the WTP reach 22,000 equivalent inhabitants and is ready to treat waste water also from Libchavy and Dlouhá Třebová. This is the second largest project in the Pardubice region. The construction work was physically commenced on 6th June 2012 and the plant has been put into trial operation since 7th July 2014. Already today it can be said that thanks to the high quality of the work carried out, the WTP will be able to reach the designed parameters and meet the limits set by the Water Authority.

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