Water Treatment

Our solutions contribute to Economy Optimization and Safety of Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Water Treatment

Water balance

  • A unique method of evaluation of daily losses
    in water mains
  • Flow rates in various time scales
  • Differential method of flow assessing for more water resources

Balance of disinfection

  • Checking and controlling of chlorinators
  • Checking blockage of chlorinators

Optimizing power consumption of electric energy

The controlling optimal current and power engine characteristics in relation to:

  • The efficiency of pump and hydrodynamic system
  • The real flow and pressure
  • The water level of remote reservoirs
  • The runoff from reservoirs to consumers
  • The need of filling reservoirs in real time

Multilevel supervision of remote technological objects

We have already successfully implemented Automation in dozens Sewage Water Plants or Wastewater Treatment Plants!

  • Centralized Monitoring Systems (SCADA)
  • Decentralized Operation (reservoir/pump station) according to the instructions
    of the Monitoring and Control System
  • Intelligent communication network using
    our products - routers and dataloggers

Selection of the most interesting Comprehensive solutions from Conel Automation:

  • Wastewater treatment plant Ústí nad Orlicí – CZ, 40.000 EQ
  • Wastewater treatment plant Český Brod – CZ, 10.000 EQ
  • Wastewater treatment plant Kostelec nad Labem – CZ, 4.000 EQ
  • Wastewater treatment plant Opočno – CZ, 8.200 EQ
  • Wastewater treatment plant Jilemnice - Hrabačov – CZ, 30l/s
  • Wastewater treatment plant Pečky – CZ, 8.000 EQ
  • Wastewater treatment plant Dobříš – CZ, 24.000 EQ
  • Wastewater treatment plant Brandýs nad Labem – CZ, 30.000 EQ
  • Wastewater treatment plant Choceň – CZ, 30.000 EQ
  • Ensuring the quality of drinking water in the Water system SW Morava – CZ, 200 l/s, 14 objects

Central Monitoring and Supervisory System for Water Treatment

  • Vodárenská akciová společnost, a.s., division Třebíč – CZ, 125 objects, continuously refilled
  • Vodovody a kanalizace Jablonné nad Orlicí a.s. – CZ, 110 objects, continuously refilled
  • 1.SčV Příbram – CZ, 80 objects, continuously refilled
  • AQUA SERVIS, a.s. Rychnov nad Kněžnou – CZ, 75 objects, continuously refilled



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